COVID-19 Legislative Update - 3-27-2020

Policy Resolution Group COVID-19 Legislative Update March 27, 2020

This will be our last update on the COVID-19 Phase Three legislative deliberations. The House commenced its debate over the CARES Act this morning, and after a threatened delay, passed the bill by a voice vote. Now the relief efforts turn to implementation of Phase Three and drafting of Phase Four legislation. In this note, you will find an updated edition of our library that includes a variety of new analytical materials about the COVID-19 legislation. As Congress moves to Phase Four and beyond, we will continue to produce updates to keep you informed. The House’s Turn • Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called House members back to Washington to debate and vote on the CARES Act today. As she entered the Capitol this morning, she was unequivocal: “We're going to pass it today.” • After a failed effort by Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) to object to the absence of quorum (his objection did not receive a sufficient second under the rules), the House passed the legislation by a voice vote. • Following the vote, Speaker Pelosi adjourned the House until the morning of 3/30/2020, which will be a pro forma session. • The CARES Act now heads to President Donald Trump to be signed into law, which will likely occur as soon as possible. • Speaker Pelosi has stated that work has already begun on a Phase Four relief program, so stay tuned. How Do These Programs Work? • Companies across all sectors are trying to determine what assistance they could receive from the Phase Three legislation. As of now, there are far more questions than answers. Agencies, trade associations, and others are scrambling to develop guidance. • The CARES Act itself does very little to differentiate between industry sectors. Outside of certain sectors, such as airlines or health care, most relief in Phase Three is not organized by business activity or industry sector.

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