2021 Bracewell Summer Associate Program

2021 Houston Summer Program FAQs

Q: What are the dates of the program? A: For 1L students, our program will run from May 17 – July 23 (8 week minimum, 9 week maximum).

Q: What is the weekly compensation? A: Our summer associate compensation is $3,654.00 per week.

Q: How many summer associates will the Firm hire? A: In 2020, Bracewell hired 32 summer associates (1Ls + 2Ls) firm-wide with 28 in the Houston office. We are projecting a comparable sized class for the 2021 program. Q: What is an entry-level associate’s starting salary? A: Our first-year associates receive an annual base salary of $190,000, a monthly parking reimbursement of up to $1,000 per year, a travel and entertainment allowance of $300 per year, a Bar reimbursement of up to $4,000 and a moving reimbursement of up to $3,000. Q: When can I expect to receive an offer decision? A: Students will receive a response from the Firm by the beginning of February 2021. If you need an update on your status before then, please let us know.

Q: What materials do you need for my application file? A: We will need your fall semester transcript as soon as possible.

Q: What percentage of 2020 summer associates received 2021 summer associate or full-time offers? A: 100% of our 2020 summer associates received return offers.

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